This feature gives you vocal POST messages and alerts to inform you of system events and boot status. I think it really, really stupid of ASUS to sell such a massively defective product. It uses pc memory, and supports ECC. It was really quite advanced for its day. Precomp Displays the precompressed volumes on the hard disk, if any, on the motherboard.

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Press tab to move to the seconds field, then press Enter.

ASUS NCCH-DL – motherboard – ATX – iP Overview – CNET

A system bus is kind of like all the train tracks that connect the CPU the grand central station with the computer memory the houses of addressable data and with the neat devices that let us interact like the mouse, keyboard, screen, etherner audio system. It referenced an article on Bugzillathe RedHat bug tracking site. Right now, running memtest it hangs after about 8 hours. Some are made with higher quality components, such as ‘solid’ capacitors, or other parts designed to be more reliable failed electrolytic capacitors are a major failure mode of motherboards.

Sometimes it doesn’t ethegnet hard drives. I had to power it several times before it would boot. It was really quite advanced for its day. Much, much better than ABIT tech support. Support Plates For Motherboard 2. Refer to Chapter 4 for information. Orient the red markings usually zigzag on the IDE ribbon cable to pin 1.


I also set the cpu fan temperature speed control to 40C, which keeps the processors pretty cool. I have heard they make MSI motherboards, but I am not sure about that. In the BIOS you can adjust the cpu voltage. One problem with the mb is the onboard sensors. An epoxy cased IC smoked, and left a crater showing the die.

If they at least admitted to it, and had a BIOS patch for it, I would have been able to forgive them, but silently selling a product that corrupts hard drives is stupid beyond belief. Reference Information Appendix This appendix includes additional information that you may refer to when confiiguring the motherboard. Intel pentium4-based motherboard serverworks gcsl systemset pages.

It supports two processors.

ASUS NCCH-DL – motherboards specifications.

Some have more features than others, such as built-in firewire, or support for etuernet of hard drives. This has upped my cpu speed to 2.

Make sure that the Shut down option button is selected, then click the OK button to shut down the computer. Around it became unreliable. Not a very robust design. I got more, and more. No Java or javascript needed to view my web pages. This is a really great feature, found on very few Pentium III motherboards. My newer server motherboards do not do that, which is unfortunate.


Page 52 Page 53 Page 54 Page 55 – Chapter 3: Remove the DIMM from the socket. A little while later, ethrenet blew up literally. Other good motherboard manufacturers are Asus, Tyan, Supermicro. Bios Setup Program Because the BIOS software is constantly being updated, the following BIOS setup screens and descriptions are for reference purposes only, and may not exactly match what you see on your screen. You can adjust it up as well as down.

I got a screaming deal on two low voltage Intel Xeon bcch-dl.