There are eight CDs in total: Overall battery performance is very good. Operating System and Software: Not to be forgotten is the bundled Norton Internet Security suite to protect your network traffic. The resolution is x

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Introduction and Specs It doesn’t take much research to come to the realization that the mobile PC market is hot.

Asus W5F Windows XP Drivers | Laptop Software

Advanced, Security, Power, and Boot. The Asus W5F has a few security features that give you a peace of mind. Trusted Platform Module enhances security but may create a false sense of security. All white test, brightness is evenly distributed all around view large image.

August 21, This meant that a Whatever your reasons are for buying a portable computer, the chances are there are dozens of units that fit your need. Some laptops have biometrics or special hardware keys to activate — the Asus W5F does not have these features.

Asus W5F Specs – CNET

My model is black and there are no antennas or any other external features sticking out. Finally the Boot screen allows you to set up the boot order of your drives. My W5F was purchased configured as follows: Security is a bit more substantial and we will go into that in more detail later on this page. We are hearing more and more stories of users having their computers ripped off, even while sitting down at a local coffee shop!

Recent Drivers  CANON 7580 WIA DRIVER

Front view of Asus W5F view large image. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony.

Software Asus motherboards typically come with an abundance of software asjs the user can install to make the most of their purchase, and their laptops are no exception. The W5F features a In the BIOS you can protect your laptop from unauthorized usage by enabling the following features: Front view of Asus W5F view large image Back: Oddly, a software utility called NB Probe is not installed asuss the factory setup.

There are four basic menus to choose from: Latest News Latest Videos. The resolution is x The W5 series has a Is Topre Realforce the Realthing?

Drivers for Asus W5F notebooks network cards

Easily carry around Use for prolonged periods of time without external power Use for the next 2 years Watch movies and use for light work Lann meant that a Overall battery performance is very good. Size comparison of Asus W5F to a toy poodle — and you decide which is cuter view large image. Size comparison to 8. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.


It’s a useful system health monitoring tool you will qsus on the driver CD and I’m not sure why it is omitted from the default installation. The laptop itself is very thin, most ports are located on the sides, while the rear is occupied by the batterypack. This security feature will introduce a whole host of new issues once it’s used, so best to understand what it can and can’t do.

Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. The driver CD contains all the software needed to get all the hardware running on the W5F including the card reader, Splendid Video, and web camera.