Find More Posts by Drumbum. Is that working properly?. It should be available on Sourceforge sometime within the next week, once I’ve put in a few hours of unit testing on it. Thanks to everyone who’s having a good time with this. Press this key to increment the current page, or use the SHIFT key and the page key to decrement the current page.

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Of course, you’ve already got Mackie emulation for the BCF, so this may not be so useful to you.

New free BCR control surface plugin now available | Cakewalk Forums

Don’t care about plugins. I have been getting some unusual behaviour when using your control surface plug. This is everything I wanted on vistz control surface and more. Find More Posts by ajaym. Prime Now Entrega en 1 hora En miles de productos. I directly connected it to my iPad 4 using vvista CCK, and it recognized it immediately. Last edited by Liquidmantis; bcr200 Pregunta a la comunidad. Thanks for this, off to investigate now.

It shows you when you turn it on 2. Also the default mappings will be rather odd as the top rotaries will be channel gain and not having a BCF I’m not sure where the sliders will end up being mapped.

Recent Drivers  ACPI0003 XP DRIVER

But this is limited by the current ACT plugin! If any Cakedevs would like to add their 10 cents worth, I’d be very happy to look into expanding the functionality br2000 that’s exactly what I bought the BCR for in the first place. Press it once to rewind the most common operation by far and a second time to go to the end.


What does it do? If the console is visible, pressing the shift key twice will hide it. Love this thing since I got it a few weeks ago. I tested all the knobs, bista and functions using a MIDI monitor app and everything works fine.

Then confirm that the BCR is in mode U-1 and see what happens. You can still use the bank switches as normal for other BCR presets.

Have not tried it yet, just downloaded to have a look at it Well, it’s great anyway. Full documentation is shown in the ‘how to use it’ section. I hit ‘play’ on the BCR, then if I hit the spacebar, everything freezes and the machine re-boots. It has to be some weird bug with the BCR firmware, I’m guessing.


Then I got kind of sidetracked for, erm, a while. When tweaking a knob on BCR, the controller knows what’s the value at the moment – no need to tell it.

The second row of knobs normally controls channel PAN. Hi folks some quick replies evenrabby I have considered enhancing the plugin to support fully custom assignments e. I can’t remember exactly, but I get a message about the unit being busy or somthing similar.

Happy Holidays!

It should be available on Sourceforge sometime within the next week, once I’ve put in a few hours of unit testing on it. ZenGuru’s Problem I had your problem Zen. I have no idea what changed — I didn’t try re-installing it or anything, but I’m happy to say it now works.

Wusikstation is an example of a synth that does. Thank you so much!