Then by the time you have forgotten the order, the parts arrive to supprise you. Fair enough I guess except that its more than a cost of a new one With the current exchange rate, that will have to wait until things calm down again ??? I’ve missed two b’days that way: When I reattached the analog control sticks it was fine again.

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Bluetek Plug and Play 120 Game Controller

I’ve ordered from DX times and never had a problem. Now it seems they are!

There is minor wear of the branding on the joystick plate from 2 hours without mounts flying with it between my legs: I haven’t noticed any lag whatsoever. I live in Arizona for any potential Local interests. Expect approx 10 days for deliver. Just email them, and ask for a sample price.

Bluetek Joysstick Oct 12, I recently removed for testing and pictures and it works perfectly.

I’ll have completed a desktop joystick project mid-this-week, so you can see it in action. BluetekDirectorGunner and hardroc Dale, can the two gamepads be separately connected or are they combined on the one cable?

Stupid bitch, I made it for her kids DirectorGunnerhardroc77 and Metal-Muffin. In a nutshell, if all you want is to interface your arcade controls with MAME and nothing else, and you’re able to use a soldering iron, this hack is a great option. Actually its bluefek too bad, works well. Worked great till my sister tore it apart when she needed a powerboard and a bluteek tv one day I know a lot of joysrick who have been asking me where to find these.


I will be doing exactly that in the hopefully near future.

Solved – Vibrating USB Joystick (JSV) fix for Windows Vista | Vista Forums

I am in no rush to sell. While not quite this same situation, I found the timing of this amusing.

Interested to see how those others turn out. If you wanted them removable, you’d be best with the SKU: MAME recognises there are two joysticks. There are dedicated solder points for all of the buttons this thing was made to be hacked, I’m not kiddingand the PCB is single sided unlike the genuine ones so you can drill a tiny hole through for a joyatick solder if you want.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Nemesis in Joysyick is my bench mark, fast game, lots of powerup and it handles it well. You need to do some bluetem, and explanations in very simple, plain English. In the process of getting samples so I can decide where I source them from and will then be selling “pre-hacked” USB, PS2 an maybe dual connection PCBs for what should be a very nice price.


The way Windows seems to work is that it gives each USB controller a device number eg Joystick 0, Joystick 1, Joystick 2 based on the order they are plugged in.

Bluetek race wheel | Playstation | Gumtree Australia Campbelltown Area – Ingleburn |

I will pull it apart tonight and compare it to DM’s controller for ease of soldering etc. The zippy sticks are a bit ‘loose’ also known as a ‘long throw’ joystick.

They are great for 4-way Yeah they’re certainly big enough, but if you’re blueek much good with solder or you think that it’ll move around a bit, a ‘through the hole’ will be much stronger. Hey Dm, what lead time did you get for ordering your stuff from DX? Per your post above, there’s a link in my first post.