It may be too forgiving, as contact anywhere on the face produces a very similar feeling and sound. He hit my G5, and loved it and was hitting it dead straight at about I find that the Ping will go further approx 10 yards but is more likely to stray of the middle of the fairway. For more information about Callaway Golf Company, please visit our websites at www. And the G5 was hitting at about

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I am having trouble trying to find a shaft for theany suggestions? This driver is callawya lot more Ping Eye 2 than Titleistif you get my drift.

This is a great thing for those looking for game improvement from their drivers, but silly fools like me who would rather be told where they mishit the shot should look calaway. And hey, put a good swing on it and you may find yourself yards out, looking back at David Mobley and chuckling.

The club tells you immediately where it is being hit. The design of the head is very clean and we think it looks great. There’s not much to choose between them and on price the Callaway Big Bertha is nearly as good value as the Ping in my books.

The does shift from typical Callaway fare in one regard: I can hit the high or low but it feels like I am swinging a refrigerator. Caolaway am currently using a BB2 with a 44 inch stock callaway stiff firm shaft because the shortness of the shaft tightens it to somewhere between a stiff and an x shaft.


I have the with a prolaunch blue 65 and have found that it is too tip?

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Titanium 454 S2h2 Driver 13* Gems Shaft

My clubhead speed suffers. A good quality finish tops off this golf club that will have many admirers. The Callaway Big Bertha Driver is aimed at giving extra forgiveness as well as distance. My one friend had this driver, I hit his all weekend, he hated me for it because I was hitting it better than he was.

Does anyone know which shaft would be comparable to the calaway firm flex? I hit this club extremely high. I find that the Ping will go further approx 10 yards but is more likely callawau stray of the middle of the fairway.

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Titanium S2h2 Driver 13* Gems Shaft | eBay

The driver loves to hit the ball low, unlike every other Callaway driver to date, and you may be surprised at how high a loft and how low a shaft kickpoint you need to get this baby airborn. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Gone are the days of the clear-coated silver clubs. The Big Bertha Titanium Driver has a striking new appearance with a charcoal-black head and fiery red shaft.

The new Big Bertha Titanium Driver: It hits straight with a boring shot trajectory. Plus an ultra-thin, formed face creates a huge sweet spot that delivers increased ball speed.


As always we would recommend a custom fitting session to get the right shaft for your swing. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And in addition, I would note that I did not once experience the problems the reviewer who likes Titleists experienced except when I hit it low towards the bottom of the club, i.

GBB and I got a couple of more large buckets and whanged away.

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It looks good and performs just as well. I hit about half a large bucket with it: Bought a 10 degree with aldila stiff shaft version of this 18 months ago and have started to love it in the last 6 months. Mis-hits had a very loud pinging noise, and solid hits had an even louder ping sound. Found this at 4544 pawnshop, came with X flex shaft.

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