Where colors are concerned petrol blue is one of my favourites, and you can bet I was delighted to find a 1 liter can of Sadolin Fashion Extreme Stylish Petrol wtf!? Email required Address never made public. I kind of picked up the bad habit of directly modifying. My Diy Blog Yet another tinkering weblog. Afaik, this makes the internal volume appear slightly larger for the driver.

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I did some research on Auratones and decided to have a go at making some, the results were much better than expected and they have solved the problem at minimum cost.

Why does it happen? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Email required Address never made public.

Will definitely make use of what I learned on the topic later on: I kind of picked up the bad habit of directly modifying. You can download WinISD to check the performance. Notify me of new comments via email. Started by OlympicPhil The Lab. August 03, When I cut digital joints, I use a 6mm end mill — for the male part of the tenon calling it 6mm in your CAM package then cut the female part with the same bit but auratine it a 5.


Davetone mixcubes

Case parts for two speakers, basking in the evening sun. After applying two layers the rear panel auragone looked slightly uneven less absorptive materialbut otherwise the finish is pretty smooth. All glued up and ready for next phase! Dave P’s Auratone project made the Sound on Sound! Should be pretty interesting to put these to use on a real mixing situation. Frequency response plot for L69AW.

DIY Auratone 5c –

Just for fun I made them look old with some varnish and stuck a label on them! Plus they do have the 3mm nuts included for easy assembly: No, I auratonee as well, nothing.

I wanted to add that sadly Maplin have now gone out of business, and whoever manufactured the L69AW seemed to have gone out of business a year before that.

May 17, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Since its wood were talking about, checking for best-matching pairs prior to adding glue is a must. Adjusting bit parameters would indeed be the better approach over tweaking actual design files AND certainly over manually chipping the tenons.

Recent Drivers  WPC54G VER 2 DRIVER

Majestic12 Member Germany Ayratone Breaking from my norm of writing multiple work stage posts, I decided to try rolling everything to a single post. Given their popularity there are of course a number of modern replicas in the market, like the Behringer Behritone Auratonw s and Avantone Mixcubes. DWGs as the CAM interpreter has often had problems with modified tool types default bits increase in 0.

Before diving into the build though, some words about the 5Cs.

I could not find the loudspeaker anywhere else. Blog Statshits.

DIY Auratone Complete!

Majestic12 on February 12, No real bass below Hz or top end above 10K but really useful nevertheless. Hey dude, cool article: A slot for the terminal and paint blobs removed, both chiselled using a drill bit. October 16, ,