The remote-switchable filters of the Concero provided more contrast than switching in-and-out the ASRC on the Emotiva. See All Buying Options. It is surely a purchase I do not regret. When you consider the bargain price of the XDA-2 to begin with, this combo does a very good job of delivering the goods. Hi Steve, Excellent article as usual. There’s nothing about its presentation that sticks out and calls attention to itself which means the XDA-2 is doing its job.

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There was that word again: As dda-2 who owns one, I can confirm that sadly no you cannot dim the display’s brightness all the way off. Please enter a question. Thanks again for a good review John.

Emotiva XDA-2 USB DAC/Digital Preamp/Headphone Amp | InnerFidelity

There, the amp’s power advantages were immediately obvious with Amon Tobin’s bass heavy Bricolage album. When you consider the bargain price of emotia XDA-2 to begin with, this combo does a very good job of delivering the goods. Page 1 of 3. The milled aluminum faceplate also houses the same controls as the remote minus the SRC Bypass option. I wish more DACs did this.

He did mention that he much preferred the headphone output of the source to the DC-1, but I can’t overstate how huge the difference is here. Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on April 17, – 8: It seems that the corners they have cut to produce a good product at a cheap price are: System matching is more critical with this DAC.

Recent Drivers  SAVIN 9228 DRIVER

That however, is where the first sign of trouble began.

After getting off the phone, I proceeded to mess around with the unit some wmotiva. Naim Uniti Atom sits pretty. Should be a very simple firmware update to add those two additional settings.

Mar 12, at 8: Nice price but doesn’t seem like this DAC hits out of it’s league soundwise. Very usable volume control. No shouty run for cover break in period.

Emotiva XDA-2 DAC/Digital Preamp/Headphone Amp Preview

I was looking into the mini-X a amp for a desktop speaker system, until I noticed that it’s 15 freaking inches deep. Main Outputs Output Level: After fiddling with connections for a bit, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers xd-a2 the XDA-2, I gave up and called Emotiva. I also am not convinced of their usefulness in terms of determining listening preferences.

Mar 13, at 6: Well, dealing with the Emotiva customer service was not a great experience.

: Customer reviews: Emotiva Audio XDA-2 USB DAC, Digital Preamp & Headphone AMP

And I’m very happy to hear you’re enjoying your XDA Music Albums of the Year. Your experience appears to be idiosyncratic, as I use this combination all the time.


Back then, very few DACs in the shallow end of the budget market could compete with such a high value proposition.

While we would love to say that we spend most of our time in our home theaters playing with new speakers, amps, receivers, and Blu-ray players, it just isn’t the case. The remote also allows you to turn the Xca-2 on, put the unit in standby mode the main power switch is on the unit’s backsidemute, dim but never completely turn off the blue light show on the XDA-2’s faceplate, control the volume, and select your source.

Great product love it!!!! Emotiva offers a 30 day in home trial, and a FIVE year warranty, which in my opinion is pretty good. Submitted by USAudio on February 22, – 1: Aurender N10 preview and a lack of subtlety.