The picture makes the screen out to be just a tad dimmer than it looks in person, but it is perfectly serviceable outside. Message 6 of 6. This content has been marked as final. For those thinking about using legacy external cards, you may want to reconsider that option. Without the plastic blank in place the palmrest does want to bend down at that location under stress. Find More Posts by billyboy.

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T misses Windows 10 drivers. Vertical angles are better than average, with a modest zti spot before colors start to invert and wash out. My current driver version is 8. As for the fingerprint reader, does windows detect it? Find More Posts by dbishop.

T misses Windows 10 drivers. ATI Graphics and fingerprint. – Lenovo Community

Any help would be appriciated. I really hope Lenovo takes notice at this, cause I would take a brick glued to the bottom of the qti before over a keyboard change such as this.

The old design has a much stronger back-plate, which is removed on the new revision. We have the same paint, same rubbery texture, and we still have our ThinkPad logo. Not exactly sure how it made it past quality control, but unless you have the screen tilted forward to an extreme degree you end up as blind as a bat.


Exact same issue tt400 t and ATI Radeon series.

T switchable graphics

This driver is provided as a courtesy and only available via Windows Update. Also, the fingerprint sensor is not functional, despite the fact, the driver for it remained installed. A speedy GB RPM hard drive f400 also included, which helped applications load without much lag.

This notebook was outstanding for day to day use, and had enough power to handle most games around the office to kill some time. Portal was lrnovo favorite that worked very well at native resolution, keeping framerates above 40FPS throughout most of the game.

Please enable Windows Update and allow it to detect and install the appropriate driver.

With the ThinkPad touchpads always being the runts compared to other notebook designs, this change was very welcomed even if they did paint scroll arrows on it. Windows 7 Ultimate x I enter the password, i see the Desktop, after about 1 sec.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T400 Motherboard FRU 63Y1199 ATI HD 3470 30-day

Compared to my T60, the touchpad buttons feel much firmer, and have more support from edge to edge. Fit and finish are great with most parts, but you still have a good amount of battery wiggle in the back, as well as the cheaper feeling plastic LCD lid. Windows 10 April Update Anyone who knows the ThinkPad name knows at least two things; boring business notebook and great keyboard.


On our particular configuration with the SD card agi taking the place of the PC-Card slot and we get a cheap plastic blank instead of a spring loaded flap. General Discussion Thinkpad T Elite. Processor swaps or messing with other advanced components might not be as kosher though.

Consuming almost half the power of the previous generation really helped reduce overall temperatures. This cuts weight by 25 percent 6oz to 4. In dedicated graphics mode under the same settings battery life falls by exactly 2 hours down to 7 hours and 41 minutes, and power draw increases to But when I checked the device manager again, the ATI adapter still says it cannot start.

Are there others having similar problems? Find More Posts by nico I guess I need to uninstall an update to get it to stop. System performance with the Intel T processor and ATI graphics was great, handling everything we threw at it, even lenkvo video games. For those curious about sunlight readability, I ventured outside on a very bright and sunny day to snap some pictures of the T at max brightness.