Register a new account. It is pretty next to useless. However, I might have fixed the problem. Additionally, MantisBT has integration with Twitter via a plugin, to allow a notification to be tweeted when an issue is resolved. Retrieved August 22, For the development branch 1.

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I would highly appreciate it if you can PM or send me the driver, Twinhan and Azurewave just don’t reply and they don’t update their website either Twinhan still has 3. Switching transponders takes well over 6 seconds.

No EPG with Twinhan DVB-C CI Mantis 2033

Posted June 13, I have the 0. For drawing graphs of relationships between issues, GraphViz is required.

It seems the 1. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Thank you for the email. It doesn’t work anymore with the viewer. Upon committing changesets to a source code repository, post-commit hooks within Git or Subversion can be configured to automatically notify MantisBT that changes have been made to the repository. For that reason I am now trying to get the Twinhan unter 0233 to see if this is a driver issue or a hardware issue.

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Recent Drivers  AIC-7902 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Cheers Boulder, cool you found a solution to this. I tried the cards with the latest BDA, WDM only or linux onlydue to lacking cam support for drivers and the problem persists Posted July 21, Do you manits have an account?

Posted July 3, You must do that as well. Can you describe the exact issue “burst of errors” and “not recovering”. Also when I earlier tried switching PCI slots and the card was closer to the GeForce GT, the discontinuities occurred more often – this might also indicate bad shielding.

HardwareInfo/tuner/Digimove – Haiku

Multiple issue IDs can be specified in a single changeset message, although this is commonly discouraged as it indicates the changeset doesn’t have a single, clear and logical purpose.

Users have the ability to specify the type of e-mails they receive and set filters to define the minimum severity of issues to receive notifications about.

Posted July 20, edited. An event-driven plug-in system was introduced with the release of version 1.

Benjamin Moore Mantis Green / / #ccf1d3 Hex Color Code Schemes & Paints

Posted July 21, edited. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. I guess it proves that improving the shielding of the tuner will help and actually make Twinhan a useful card. SourceIntegration allows for issues within MantisBT to be automatically resolved when a changeset message contains special strings such as “Fixes “, which are configurable using regular expressions.


Benjamin Moore Mantis Green / 2033-60 / #ccf1d3 Hex Color Code

I might be tempted to try the metal foil wrapping although it does sound a bit dangerous I’m surprised the tuner isn’t shielded properly, after all it could be used inside a high voltage TV. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Twinhan-Cab-Ci discontinuities problem is something that manyis hard for Twinhan to solve are they even trying? But what may cause the problem: And 8 minutes is not enough at all to test for discontinuites, could you please repeat the test with a duration of at least the length of a movie, let’s say, at least 2 hours?

Posted October 19, edited.