In other words, this is the same software as before, without any changes. Move to the groove and listen to your favorite MP3 music tracks. L2, the thinnest version x 49 x 10 mm , L6, a larger x 49 x Of course, we have to see if Motorblowla screwed de pooch on this phone like they did de last one. The only complaint is that you have to use the headset to listen to the radio. But nobody makes the perfect phone. Current Headlines Latest Joy of Tech.

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Seeing as Cingular has no other decent candy bar phones, this is about the best option out there. The thing to remember, is that this is a phone first, not a mp3 player. All SitesNews. Please use the inbrite. Keep on Rocking, Yuet!!!!

Unhelpfully, Motorola don’t supply a microSD card to get you started. The 5MG internal memory, is like likey sticking a V4 in a ferrari, and expecting it to fly. If we could wind back reality to earlythen we’d be saying that the SLVR was a trend-setting phone. Post Comments Atom comments Atom. Show More Show Less. Tablet and Phone Coupon Codes. I can get on ebay and yahoo and a few others but the format isnt the best.

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My family, diving, skiing, rock music, programming Ultimate Ears Boom 3. So we restricted our tests to two key areas – phone battery life and music battery life – from which you can draw trade-off conclusions as to how the phone will perform under your own normal usage conditions. The only negative thing I can say about it is the internet browser leaves alot to be desired since all the internet sites wont work with this particular phone.

Anki Create with Cozmo Book. The only complaint is that you have to use the headset to listen to the radio.

My only complaint is the text entry mmac don’t always “learn” the new word I am trying to type and so I have to proof-read my messages before I send them. Im sold on this phone. Oh, one more point about the K Meaning it’s not a universal, and if your in business and have to travel out of the country, that can pose problems depending on your location. Pressing the right soft key from the main menu takes you to the iTunes Client, which looks identical to the one found on ROKR E1 – except for a tiny difference in the screen backlight colors of the two units.


,otorola, there are several different RAZR phones, only two of which are currently available in the United States, each in three motoropa, and differing only by phone carrier. Just a tad, can’t feel it in a drysuit. Copyright c Yuet Unique Visits: Now, go order my CD.


Users can continue to listen to older audio files but cannot add new songs from the iTunes store. For a simple yet diverse phone the Motorola Slvr L7 phone is one of the best cell phones you can buy.

Motorola SLVR L7 with iTunes and Bluetooth headset?

I feel the price and the features go hand in hand and since this phones is loaded with features then the price is well worth it. As far as phones available from carriers which excludes the Sony model you citeno other candy bar phone not everybody loves flip phones the way you do can match it for style and features.

Yes, the K has a built-in speaker. Cellular Cell Phones Without Contract.

Motorola Phone Tools

Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Phonebook entries, Photo call. I just got mine the other day, I’m impressed with some things, can’t wait to get a MP on it though!