If the “elastic BPI” Bits per inch, linear read speed , which we spoke about in the SPN drive review, allows for such spread in data between the samples, there is nothing good. That’s the cost of the period of transition: Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. BioShock Infinite and Metro: The next test deals with serial modes. Judging by the firmware version TM and the code 2, which remains a mystery for me , the production model has a different firmware version. Users can’t ask to test all drives before purchasing.

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SPN The diagram is even – the head is only one.

The angle of inclination of the diagram at larger loads is greater. But still, the SPN performs best of all in case of the heavy loads. If Samsung’s drives develop further at the same rate, the trade xp1604n will win the recognition. Please enable Sp16604n to view the comments powered by Disqus. The newer SPN has a brilliant access time! Judging by the firmware version TM and the code 2, which remains a mystery for methe production model has a different firmware version.


Samsung Spinpoint P80 160 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5″ (SP1604N) Hard Drive

That’s the cost of the period of transition: The newer SPN is definitely ahead. The results of the Maxtor 6YL0 drive s1p604n the same record density and interface were used for comparison sake. The SPN is also a quiet drive, but it is a bit louder. Have a look at the diagram.

We certainly accepted it – a user must know characteristics of a drive he’s going to buy. The new drive SPN has a better average read rate, but its write speed is still worse, though the results are generally better. It seems that Samsung is going to compete primarily against Maxtor judging by the range of interfaces and features of the lines.

Noise As I mentioned in the review, the Samsung SPN is amazingly noiseless, especially when the heads are positioned. It had fairly good results, but the manufacturer wasn’t satisfied with them and offered a production sample. Is it because of the single head?

The SPN has some problems when recording large blocks. The next test deals with serial modes. No secret that a name often works as a determining factor.

It was made possible with the SilentSeek technology. It’s not very correct, but it’s better than nothing.


The scores are high, only the access time is relatively large.

Samsung Spinpoint P80 SPN GB Internal RPM ” (SPN) HDD | eBay

The technical data of the drives are given in the table. The figure itself is obviously proportional to the maximum linear read rate. Probably, it’s caused by the different body design. Add the 3-year warranty. That’s quite a lot.

Tests The testbed is standard. That is why the features below are presumable according to data for the Sp16044n drives. The SPN as the top solution goes ahead. The drive gets requests for reading or writing of data blocks the size of which gradually grows up. Now let’s take a look at its junior brother. However, one should be very careful about the HDTach data, as the experience showsbut still, let’s take them into account. Note that it is that rare case when the scores coincide with the specs: